Equipment Review: Best Automatic Drip Coffee Makers

Equipment Review: Best Automatic Drip Coffee Makers

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Which automatic drip coffee maker produces the best brew? We tested 7 machines—and what we discovered was eye-opening. (To be fair, there was plenty of caffeine involved.)

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49 thoughts on “Equipment Review: Best Automatic Drip Coffee Makers”

  1. wow, great review. too bad companies are so damn greedy for money.
    I had my heart set on buying the one in the middle, but when you said the price, I almost fell off my chair. No way in hell im spending that much for a coffee maker.
    I guess Ill stick to the old Native American ways of making coffee.
    Grind my beans with a bowl and mallet and boil water in canteen and pour boiling water in a mesh filter by hand.

  2. I’’ll take my Aeropress over my French Press for my daily cup. On occasions where I have company, I use my Technivorm which is easily the best automatic coffee maker I’ve ever experienced.

  3. How does the new model Moccamaster "automatically hold back the coffee automatically for about 30 seconds"? I have the glass carafe version of this, with the same newer basket (no manual switch like the older model, just the spring-valve that closes when you pull the carafe out, and opens when you put the carafe back into position), and I do not observe any holding back. I.E., when the carafe is in place and coffee is brewing, the hole is open in the bottom of the brew basket, and that’s . . . .well, that’s it.

    The water comes out of the sprayer, and there is nothing holding it back, other than the grounds, from coming through and dripping out the bottom. I’m not saying there isn’t some automatic mechanism here; I just don’t see it. Please enlighten me!

    Note, I can’t find any other mention of this automatic 30-second holding back anywhere I’ve looked – not in the manual, not on the Technivorm website, and not in any other professional or consumer reviews. . . . . So I’m interested in learning more about it.

    (P.S., whether there is any "automatic holding back" of the coffee or not, the Moccamaster is a truly exceptional machine and I agree with your evaluation 110%. I cannot go back to any other machine now . . . .)

  4. Is there any chart to the timings for the brew based on batch size? I find i have to grind a lot more coarse for 1 liter versus 500ml not many seem to mention this information and I have wasted a lot of coffee messing with the grind size.

  5. Excellent video. Thanks so much for your reviews, you guys rock! Totally great info for Us coffee lovers.

  6. Though I love the ‘smell’ of coffee, I don’t like the taste and am not a coffee drinker (weird, I know). I’ve had MAYbe 4 cups of coffee in as many decades. To that end I know nothing, as in _nothing_ about making coffee or coffee makers. I’ve been inside a starbucks <5x eve (one of those was to get a coffee for a friend, and the ‘request’ may as well have been in Mandarin "a vente large dark half brew spin foam latte half cream no sugar twice sweetened half brewed over-roasted churned not buttered split bean extra ground dark extra white but only black, cream no milk except no cream extra milk half espresso" (WTF??) … I went to SB got his coffee and of course, I messed up whatever his coffee-speak meant and what I ended up getting was "awful, omg what IS this!" he said). That tells you how nothing I know of coffee. Anyhoo, tasked with getting a grind + brew maker as a gift this year for a coffee aficionado /addict, this video was so informative & helpful it goes beyond words. Thanks for teaching me (us viewers!) a ton about it. 5starstarstar video all around. THANKS!

    PS I’ve still no idea what ‘vente blah blah blah churned not buttered blah blah foam bean half dark blah blah’ coffee person starbucks speak means!

  7. I appreciate the review, but I make great coffee using fresh grounds from Fairway and my $15 Mr Coffee machine from Home Depot.

  8. Handbuilt from the Netherlands, lol. Honestly though I had my best coffee I’ve ever had from that coffee maker on the extreme left. This reminds me of those channels that reviews $300 audio video cables that they say is better.

  9. Problem with the Bonavita is……..I have had 5 of them over 3-4 years. All replaced under warranty. In each, the electronics and/or the heating element gave out. And yes, it brewed a great pot of coffee. I had to give up on it though, cause no matter how great it was, if it continues to break, it won’t do the job. Can’t say enough about the company though, their customer service and warranty service was top notch.

  10. why is the Zojirushi EC-YSC100 not in this review? It’s the best selling unit around the world. Japanese made.

    Americans don’t know much about making coffee I guess.

  11. I have 3 different percolators they all make great coffee I have a Presto Hamilton Beach and a Farberware

  12. The link you provided for "Best Buy" maker shows the Bonavita BV1800 8-Cup Coffee Maker with Glass Carafe, instead of the one in the video. This BV1800 is $400.00 def not a better buy than the winner of the video. lol

    I did thoroughly enjoy this video.

  13. Maybe you could review coffee makers that the majority of us could afford – like Mr Coffee and Norelko……

  14. The Breville DCP650 instructs to have no more than 12 LEVEL Tbls. of grinds in the basket or overflow will result………. Looking at that video they have put about TWICE the max volume into the basket

  15. I bought a $3 coffee maker from Goodwill, just to hold me off, and the day I came to Best Buy to buy one it turns out that the coffe maker I bought it’s a $100 cuisinart, so I’m very happy about that, I saved over $90.

  16. Moccamaster is the only choice. I’ve had mine for 10 years, I broke the jar 2 years ago but other than that is works just as good as it did when it was brand new. My friend has one that is probably 15-20 years old and it works just as good.
    With the proper amount of coffee to water and a Moccamaster you just can’t go wrong.

  17. After brewing with a Chemex for years, I grew tired of the lengthy process in the morning. I wanted a fully programmable coffee maker with a burr grinder included. I decided on the Breville Grind & Control and am very happy with my purchase. It took me a while to dial it in, but I’m very happy with the end product. These folks are obviously great at testing the operations of appliances and how closely they meet prescribed standards (i.e. brew temp), but they aren’t coffee experts by any stretch.

  18. Drip coffee is garbage period! Either french or aero press is the only way to go for a quality cup with no bitters.

  19. I love it how she uses grams and then a few seconds later uses fluid ounces. Either use Metric system or the Imperial System, don’t use both in your presentation. For all the non-americans out there, The golden ratio is 2 tablespoons (10grams) of coffee to 177.4ml of water.

  20. I am happy with my French press . Don’t need to plug it in and it doesn’t take all the space on the counter .

  21. I bought a $5 thrift shop coffee machine that probably at some point costed like $100. It makes really good coffee and pretty much meets the criteria for them. It doesn’t make shitty weak Mr coffee or keurig coffee but it makes a full flavor thing. I also like the design because the whole thing can be disassembled. They even made it so you can disassemble the spout. So you don’t have crappy random grounds everywhere.. It’s a krups something from the 1990 or 1980 ish.

  22. You failed to recognize individual taste, where some like strong coffee, and some don’t. We use an OXO Barista , and it has been the best coffee we ever made. You were right on the glass carafe, most makers that use it will burn the coffee, or at the very least, alter the flavor over time, meaning that it might not taste burnt, but the coffee will taste different. Constantly making the same great coffee each morning is important. We have the 9 cup machine, but OXO makes a 12 cup machine that is totally different. It has features that most machines don’t. Extortion to get my email, and name in order to see your report on coffee makers is nonsense, if i like your content, i would come back and read more naturally. Your runner up machine is one that many have given up in favor of the OXO. The OXO 9 cup machine has one problem, it leaves an ounce of water in the machine. Some people reported that the machine would get a mildew smell, no doubt from the water that sits in the machine. They must not make coffee every day, or it would not have time to turn to mildew. The 12 cup machine works in a different way, so it may not leave water in the machine after the coffee machine stops perking the pot. I turn my OXO over in the sink each morning to drain it. It notifies the owner when it is time to descale it, and I use food grade citric acid diluted in water, then perk a couple of pots to wash it out.

  23. The best ever was *HamiltonBeach ❤️Type A53 Series A231-1CN*
    *❤️A BEAUTIFUL PERFECT CoffeeMachine I have the red/stainless steal* BUT of course they discontinued it.
    *Had I’d known this I would have bought 5*
    I was fare – recently bought a HB cm It’s hideous I can’t stand it the big bulky ugly poorly made junk RETURNED IT 24 hrs later. Got 2 other types cm but they’re not for me. I’m 66 been making coffee for awhile. On the other side, I ordered a different coffeemaker a B&D a wk ago (today I thought I’d ck out carafe replacement – just in case- OH MY that too has been discontinued
    I have about 4 other cm that.. so far have bookmarked. Onto the hunt : )

  24. We really enjoy ATK, and bought their recommended coffee maker. Here is our review:

    1. Expensive
    2. Mechanically awkward, with loose parts
    3. Slightly better coffee, but not worth the expense or the 1970 style manufacturing
    4. Nice carafe

  25. Moral of the story: buy from the people that researched and invented the design, not the ones that copied it over merely adequately. As a bonus: you support further improvements from those that are fascinated enough with their product or industry to try and make breakthrough changes.

    This does not apply to coffee machines only.

  26. Holy shit, and I thought I was into coffee. This lady’s got a whole crew! Thanks so much for your efforts! I’m buying based on your recommendations.

  27. I don’t think you need the lid on the last one you talked about just to pour coffee into your cup. That would be a big hassle to have to do that every time. Plus who pays 250 dollars for a coffee maker. The coffee makers now days just suck.

  28. I have the Bonavita. It does make great coffee but the carafe is horrible. With the lid on, it takes forever to pour a cup as the coffee dribbles out. Without the lid it pours all over the place, so pour over the sink. This also makes it useless for filling the reservoir, so I use another pitcher for that. They really need to redesign the carafe.

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