Resistance Bands Set Exercise Bands – Workout Bands Stretch Bands – Light Medium Heavy Loop Bands Kit for Legs Butt Glutes Yoga Crossfit Fitness Physical Therapy Home Equipment Training for Women Men…

Product Description
Absolutely New concept of bands ResistanceDance can challenge you in Home Fitness, Pilates, Ballet Stretching, Yoga, Shadowboxing, Physical therapy, p90x trainings and even the toughest gym workouts.

You get set of two!!! loop exercise bands strong but elastic latex loop resistance bands and you can use one resistance band choosing the optimal work load - just add loops on the hands and/or legs. You can use both Resistance bands for balanced training of the body while stretching, dancing, cardio exercise workout or as elliptical cross trainer.

No matter what shape you're in, fitness with Resistance Bands provide tension throughout the body as you walk, dance, run, and jump-wherever you want! They can replace barbells and other gym devices and exercise in ENJOYABLE way to build and tone body

Compact and light resistance bands, only 200 grams, the long loop bands set can be carried anywhere, to train at home, work or vacation

Give your training a new approach with innovative and completely new compact home gym! Resistance Dance bands combine dance movements with cardio exercises and muscle building. While dancing and moving you exercise a vast variety of muscles.

Enhance your workout by loop bands in whatever styles of exercises you are comfortable with and have fun by making your fitness a part of a dance program. For information, and help you get started we placed a lot of Exercise Videos on ResistanceDance® website and youtube on how Resistance Bands build shoulders, arms, legs, chest, abs, back, hips and other muscle groups through ResistanceDance bands. These exercise bands are also great for holiday gift. Make your relatives, friends and colleagues sportier. Training with youth resistance bands will become their new hobby! Put away all doubts! RD bands are durable and long-lasting equipment with 100% satisfaction guarantee

Price: $14.69
  • LONG RESISTANCE EXERCISE BANDS raise muscle tone in all body substitute gym workout supplement to Dancing, Yoga stretch, Pilates, Ballet Stretching Exercises, Fitness or help in recovery for people with leg, knee back and meniscus injuries
  • RESISTANCE BANDS SET consists of 2 quality & strong 43x2" stretch bands made of 100% natural eco-friendly latex. Each band gives you 3-in-1 exercise band. Change levels by making extra loops on legs and hands
  • LONG RESISTANCE BANDS will train all your body everywhere with fitness home gym or office exercise. Body resistance bands are light and compact in the included carrying bag
  • STRETCH BANDS IMPROVE YOUR BODY. Now any exercise is more intensive and pleasure. Tone your body, lose weight and achieve goals with fitness resistance bands, increase strength and mobility, reduce joint pain
  • WARRANTY. As you experience a full body exercise workout you'll in love with the Resistance Dance bands set. We guarantee high quality of our product. If for any reason you're unhappy with the bands, just return to us for a no-questions, full refund money
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