REVIEW: Pull Up Bar – Iron Gym

REVIEW: Pull Up Bar – Iron Gym


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Review Pull Up bar, Iron Gym from Target

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50 thoughts on “REVIEW: Pull Up Bar – Iron Gym”

  1. My doorway has 2 doors on it. A screen door and a wood door. Is there any way to attached this or shall I invest on a different kind of pull up bars. Thank you.

  2. Try the FitBar Trainer. Its worth the price. No black marks on the door frame. Plus there are DOZENS of exercises you can do with it. And, the bar is SOLID and does not bend. Check it out at

  3. I just purchased one in a box that looks exactly like that, however mine does not have the option of the bolts to hold the two pieces of the long crossbar together at the center. Make sure you get one that has the bolts, as without them, the bar bows downward in the center with weight! Seems far less safe that way!

  4. That must be pure hell having two black marks on your door frame! I wouldn’t put up with it. I would get a decorator to fix it and just get back to the video games instead.

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