Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro Review – The New Best Smart Fitness Band!

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro Review – The New Best Smart Fitness Band!

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro Review – The New Best Smart Fitness Band!
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45 thoughts on “Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro Review – The New Best Smart Fitness Band!”

  1. I use my Gear with iOS. There was a Samsung firmware update about a month ago that made the Gear Fit much more stable. Before that update, I kept losing the Bluetooth signal from the watch to the iPhone even though my iphone that the Gear Fit was putting out a signal.

  2. I have a gear fit 2 now before the updated all day data and notifications are showing in my phone. But now nothing can show in my phone(only recent activities show), what is the problem can u give me an idea

  3. Dude….. you put so much effort into each and every video you make. Hats off! This is a great device indeed!

  4. Great review man. Though I’m still not sure the real benefit of tracking your workout. When I do workout, I just do it till I’m exhausted.

  5. Linus making gainsssssssss,I bought my gear fit 2 a month before the pro came out ;-;’ I do agree with the more secure band, but I hate how those bands always have the little stub of the band sticking out, It annoys me so much

  6. Thanks for this video. So keen to buy this one. Wondering if the wear device got: alarm vibrate notifications ( with snooze function and at least 2 different alarms), calls and messages notifications, and why not WhatsApp? Any do not disturb function there. Many thanks in advance. I couldn’t find any of these on internet

  7. How good is the third party software compatibility with this watch? Endomondo, Strava, Garmin Connect etc. Can it export data for this kind of fitness software? Does it support heart rate monitors (from Garmin for example)?
    I would probably be a potential buyer (looks good and must buy feature for me is Spotify support – this would enable me to leave my iPod Nano home), but if it doesn’t enable data export, in my case, to Garmin Connect, there is no point replacing my current Forerunner 235.

  8. I have the Samsung gear 2 but it will not sync with my iPhone 6 it keeps track of my sleeping but when I go to Samsung health it will not download so that’s why I order the Samsung gear fit 2 pro for $149.99 tonight I get it next week

  9. Could you please tell if the functionality of gear sport is worth to pay more for it? Primarily, I need a fitness band for running but gear sport looks both good and useful for daily tasks.

  10. Hello
    You say your GF2 Pro has a GPS very Accurate. I used mine for a few days and It couldn´t be less accurate. I Took 2 smartphones and the GF2P and on a 8km running, the GF2P says 7km. With a cycling of 16 km, GF2 Pro said 14km with 4 swimming pools, I got 7, then on a set of 3 pools I got 7, Running again 5km got 4….all running in wide open space and no clouds….

  11. Looks like a winner. I have one on the way look forward to working out with it. Great video once again Linus!

  12. Man you should really use these devices for what they are made for "exercising" because you suck at commentary. That little jog in your backyard got you tired… really!? Get a treadmill and use it. Please no more videos until you really use a get fit device.

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