6 thoughts on “Sole E25 Elliptical Trainer Review”

  1. купил в магазине Зона Спорта.Прекрасный магазин с самыми лучшими условиями.Очень клевый тренажер!

  2. Занимаемся на таком тренажере уже три года. Все очень нравиться. Покупали в магазине Zona Sporta, обещали, что проблем не будет и их действительно нет до сих пор. Все работает как часы.

  3. hi, good video! could you please tell me what the weight limit is on this machine, because im getting one and i want to be sure what it is! thank you 

  4. hi, thanks for replying another question when it comes i just want to ask you about any tips about assembling it because i saw in a picture that the manuel is very difficult, is there any videos or anything that could help saving time building it? thanks

  5. Hi there. I really like your feedback on this trainer. My question is regarding the rails/tracks. You stated that this one comes with DUAL. Or two tracks. Which year or model do you have? I was looking at the 2013 version and nothing but horrible experience with the wheels coming off the tracks/rails. Some were saying its over lubricated? Others are saying its how they assembled it? Others are saying its an alignment issue and cant be fixed without getting repair parts. This is causing some worry for me! You said your E25 has two rails. What year is it? And do you know if the ones straight from the SOLE website …say the newest model….would have 2 rails? I would imagine the ones straight from SOLE have the kinks worked out, but not sure. And i want 2 rails over 1. Definitely makes it more stable and would eliminate that issue where the wheels come off the track! Do you know anything about that? I think im going to get it for 999$ straight from SOLE so not sure what i will get?!  I guess I can ask them also. But you seem knowledgeable. Thanks!

  6. Great review. Thank you very much. The wife and I have been looking at this and the E20. The only differences I see between the two is the E20 does not have controls in the handles, as big of a screen and the stride length is 18" adjustable to 20, whereas the E25 is 20" adjustable to 22. I’m 6’2", so maybe the E25 would be good for me, but my wife is 5’7" and the E20 she demoed at Dick’s felt good to her. I’m at a cross!

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