THESE ARE INSANE! – Rogue Dumbbell Bumper Plates First Impression

THESE ARE INSANE! – Rogue Dumbbell Bumper Plates First Impression


Rogue Dumbbell Bumpers Review



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49 thoughts on “THESE ARE INSANE! – Rogue Dumbbell Bumper Plates First Impression”

  1. How well do the collars hold? It seems like less margin for error compared to an average barbell loading for them to come flying off if they come unlocked. Thanks!

  2. Ironmaster has had better designed dumbbells for years now. I have personally used them for 2+ yrs and have no complaints if you are looking to max out at 120lbs per dumbbell.

    Just putting another option there if anyone is seriously considering buying these.

  3. The idea to drop weights to me is nuts. If you have to drop them, then you need to go lighter. Save the money and put it towards a great set of Powerblocks. I bought mine in phases since they are not cheap but I wanted to reserve my garage for my car. Just unbelievable how great and durable that product is. Still using them after 17 years…

  4. I do not think I will be spending all that money on the bumpers, but can say that the db-15 is about the best Olympic dumbbell handle out there. Literally a mini Ohio bar. I love mine!

  5. This is honestly just a stupid product. Why do I need bumper plates for my dumbbell if I can’t even drop it? That defeats the whole purpose of having bumper plates. I like that it’s loadable but…other than that, this is the most useless gimmick product.

  6. I’ll just stick with the cheap regular ones. No point in buying expensive equipments. The results will be the same if you actually workout consistently

  7. I find dropping dumbbells is something only dumbbells do. The only time it ever becomes acceptable is when we’re dealing with dumbbells in excess of 150 lbs… Now since these dumbbells aren’t capable of being made that heavy without being ridiculously large, the whole idea goes down the toilet. It’s just another Crossfit gimmick to rack in some extra bucks. The fact they also bounce around like a wrecking ball after they’re dropped doesn’t help their cause either.

  8. Зачем столько экипировки??? Кажется что он покупает эти вещи только для блога, но не для занятий спортом 😂

  9. Umm… I bought loadable dumbells from Argos for £20 plus a few extra £ for some more plates. These cost as much as 10 months gym membership and my local gym has almost £10k worth of dumbells. Personally, these are not for me. I don’t know why I would buy them.

  10. So I was planning to get the concept 2 skierg, but the hvt looks like it’s more versatile… which of the 2 do you think would be the best choice as far as hardcore tabatas… I have all the machines to build muscle so I would basically just use it for hardcore cardio…

  11. They’re ridiculous. I mean that has to be the largest 50 lb DB out there. You’re better off getting a selectorized set of DBs and probably for the same price with how Rogue equipment goes. AND for the same size as this a selectorized DB set would allow you to have DBs from about 2.5 lbs to pretty much however heavy a set you get. The old school plate loading dumbbells are STILL the best bang for your buck IMO. On amazon they have a set of plate loaded dumbbells that go up to 100 pounds for I think $189…. and that’s for a SET of deumbbells. Being able to go from 5 lbs, all the way up to 100 lbs and every 5 pound increment in between for $189……. I’d take that every time over these ridiculous weights. I’m sure crossfitters will be all over these though just because it has the "Rogue" name on it….. and because it makes them look like they are lifting massive weights when they really aren’t. I’m not shitting on crossfit. I don’t mind if that’s your forte. It’s just that I think a large portion of people who do crossfit blow their money on dumbass shit like this. My favorite are the people who have both a reverse hyperextension bench and a GHD in their garage……. I mean you realize you can do regular hyperextensions on a GHD if you just hold a plate or wear a weighted vest….. right? Also, you normal, humble crossfitters have to admit that there is a good sized portion of you guys who talk about crossfit like vegans talk about being vegan. It gets annoying to people who workout normally (and safely…… and properly, sorry I had to go there. I am just not in agreement that crossfit thinks it is a good idea to do very technical lifts for time. Easiest way to fuck yourself up IMO by rushing through already complicated and technical olympic lifts. Crossfit has "WODs" dedicated to doing that very thing though……. so yeah, never going to jump on the crossfit bandwagon).

    As for those DBs I mentioned on amazon. Get these over those Rogue monstrosities. Not only are they more reasonable in size, but they are WAAAY more versatile, and probably WAAAY cheaper.

  12. Those are ridiculous and unnecessary but just lovely. I wants them! Imagine the possibilities, given some ingenuity, as semi floor safe on a homemade inch trainer handle. They do appear to be a major hazzard in the wrong hands though. *cringes in anticipation of the many forthcoming nut shot videos from irresponsible users* Looking forward to your more thorough review and workout footage. Even more so looking forward to companies like Fringe and Titan to release their own versions and make it more reasonable for someone broke like me to purchase. Great first look vid 👍

  13. Have you been happy with the OSO collars on these? I just ordered some of the OSO Elites with a pair of handles in the hopes of never having plates slide onto my face.

  14. Just curious about some of your equipment. What power rack do you have? And why did you go with a safety bench set up instead of benching in the rack?

  15. Thanks for review however – I dont see any need or reason for them. They are way oversized and I dont see the benefit of them over regular dbs other than the look. I would never buy them.

  16. Guys in my gym drop the standard style of dumbbells from that high all the time. It’s usually when they’ve really killed a set pressing 40s.

  17. Love the channel. I have a question I’m an in home personal trainer and I’m having issues with the bowflex selectec 1090s. Would this be a good replacement to take to my clients. Any suggestions I’d like to use dumbells thanks

  18. the only reason i can imagine buying these is to save some money on a 50-100lb dumbbell set, but for a couple hundred dollars more you can have more weight options with a real dumbbell set

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