What’s In My Packed Gym Bag, and Buying Fitness Gear

What’s In My Packed Gym Bag, and Buying Fitness Gear

Video covering what’s in my gym bag, and a discussion on buying fitness gear.

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36 thoughts on “What’s In My Packed Gym Bag, and Buying Fitness Gear”

  1. ….kind of like the credit card commercial: "what’s in your wallet?’  instead  "What’s in your gym bag?"  Actually this was helpful and gave e a few new ideas what I could use .

  2. Actually a go pro camera is a good idea so I can look later when I am home at my lifting technique and see what I could do for improvement.

  3. Murican consumer culture at its finest. You don’t need more than half of what’s in that bag. But whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident, obviously. Why not man up, toss the shorts, and buy a dance belt?

  4. I use knee sleeves (Rehband 7mm) for squats and pull them over my chins when I deadlift. Never got any chin injuries.

  5. Well god damn do you not know how to deadlift. You shouldn’t be breaking your shins when you deadlift 😂

  6. And here I thought I was the only one scraping my shins. So the compression pants isn’t enough to deal with those scratches huh.

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